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Tenerife thinks to lose a 10 percent of the peninsular tourism this summer because of the crisis

Ashotels and the Travel agencies calculate that the half occupation of the establishments of the island will make the watch the next months among a 85 percent in August and a 60 percent in September. The enterprises of the sector are sights forced to meaningfully reduce the prices with the objective to save the season.


The entrepreneurs of the tourist sector in Canarie, and especially in Tenerife, you/they have expressed of forehead his/her worry to the country in summer, since prevén that him to take place himself/herself/themselves a descent of the 10 percent in the flow of visitors of the Peninsula, a market in which you/they initially had put on all the hopes to get a flow in the figures.

To the respect, the president of the the Hotel association and Extrahotelera of the Tenerife, You Palm, You Gomera and The Iron (Ashotel), José Fernando will Zoom, it emerges that, "despite him is recording a light flow of the tourism English, German and Dutch, around the 2 percent or the 3 percent ", a certain restlessness exists with the sales in the Spanish market that I/you/they am a 10 percent "to day of today smaller in comparison with the recorded ones last year, despite the big country promotional starting for the summer period for the town Suggestion of Tenerife."

With these premises, Goatherd considers that "with some fortune, and if him to take place himself/herself/themselves sales of last time, can inhale him to equalize last summer, that was not even very good."

In base to the data that it handles to the present Ashotel, the percentage of occupation in Tenerife month it is of the 70 percent, while for firm August is hoped to reach the 85 percent and in September around the 60 percent.

In opinion of the holder of the tourist Confindustria, the fall of peninsular visitors is owed more to one "psychological crisis" that to a situation of recession economic camp. Equally consists a clipping of the expense in destiny, near to the 2 percent that comes to confirm the tendency of the past exercise. In this way, he/she explains that the half expense for tourist is approximately of thousand European, of which 650 the pay in origin and 350 in destiny.

On this theme, Goatherd specified that although you apparently deal with small percentages, the loss of entrances can be enough meaningful in absolute terms. In reality, to way of example, he/she remembered that "last year was stopped perceiving a total of 240 million of European in comparison to 2006. "

The executive vice-president of the Provincial association of Travel agencies (APAV, of Saint Cross of the Tenerife) José Ignacio Alonso, shares the idea that the peninsular market is that that more you/he/she can deteriorate this summer, above all that bound to the economic offer, "since hardly the mileurista can arrive to an intermediary destiny as it is the Canaries."

In this line, and although you fortify the possibility that at the end of the season he ascertains a loss of ten points in front of the same period of 2007, it specifies that "in these moments the situation is enough equal to that of the past course."

To his/her way of seeing, her "Tenerife is the island that goes better than the whole archipelago, in how much to occupation it refers". Therefore, respect that the actual occupation in global some island is of the 75 percent, although with greater weight of the town hall of the south that those of the north.

Despite you deal with an index "enough positive", Alonso clarifies that this tall percentage of occupation is being possible for the offers that have stared at the hotel companies to be able to keep on gaining European tourists.

Precisely, on the points of origin of the visitors during the next months, it pointed out that the United Kingdom continuous to be the principal broadcasting station, although you also underline the Russian market, the Belgian, and the Icelander, propitiated even for the introduction during the summer of a flight directed three times for week between Reikiavik and Tenerife. It treads that this year "the direct competence of the Islands is the zone of influence of the dollar, fundamentally USA and the Caribbean, for the depreciation of the North American coin."

So much the APAV as Ashotel he/she insists in the importance that is receiving the tourism interinsular that he/she supposes the 10 percent of the total one according to José Fernando it will Zoom, to what the fact is added him/it that "it is a client that it normally spends more than the rest in destiny."

Really, yesterday the PSOE in the town Suggestion of Tenerife showed his/her worry for the descent in the tourist expense in destiny.


Moderated worry

The first vice-president of the town Suggestion and adviser of Tourism, José Manuel Bermúdez, sustains that the insular Guild boards these forecasts with "a moderate worry", although you fall through that the institution that represents doesn't realize previous respects, but its mission consists of analyzing the real data. To the respect, it said that "we go to hope to count once on the exact information that this him to take place himself/herself/themselves to be able to make the opportune evaluations". In this line, he/she remembered that "normally May is one ugly month in what refers to peninsular visitors and, nevertheless, this year him to take place himself/herself/themselves a superior increase to the 30 percent, with more than 150.000 Spanish tourists lodged in the island". So, it admits that it is worthwhile to be cautious with the respects and to hope to see if in the next weeks they continue to increase the reserves.

In as for the motives for a possible fall of the peninsular market in the next months, Bermúdez affirmed that it doesn't deal with a problem of destiny, neither it has to whether to see with the effectiveness of the promotional country that we have completed, but he/she answers to the actual economic conjuncture."

Symptoms of alarm for 2009

From the Consejería of Tourism of the Government canary, the forecasts for this summer are optimist, with an it lifts from the occupation of the 8 percent, according to its holder, Rita Martín. Despite, it transports the uncertainty in the winter of this year and to 2009, especially in the paragraph of foreign tourists and in concrete of the British. In that sense José Fernando is pronounced it will Zoom that it deduces that to matters as the unstoppable tendency to the rise of the price of the oil and also the inflation, the depreciation of the pound is added him/it that a 18 percent is devalued in comparison to the European one" in the last times.