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El Tiempo Tenerife Sur

ll climate to the Canaries hears again some influences of the warm winds and the waters of the ocean they are mitigated by the influence of the tide coming from the Gulf of Mexico.
The climate results therefore always mild during the whole year.. This means that the middle temperatures are inclusive between the 18 and the 25 degrees varying according to the region in which are found, same conditions won't for instance be had in the north of Tenerife that in the south or next to the sea or on top of the Teide where he can quietly meet the snow in winter: for which can exactly be said the general climate of all the islands is spring in the slopes exposed to south
We want to again underline that the percentage of damp is mainly very low due to the Aliseis that blow big part of the year and living in the south part of the islands can be considered us really privileged, while for those people that have nostalgia of Europe in the part north, especially in Tenerife, You Gomera, El Hierro, Gran Canariae La Palm they will meet a climate similar to the Mediterranean.
Then the climate in the single Islands is influenced by the reliefs which hinder the runs of the winds coming from north originating two different microclimis: fresh unido and rainy where the winds arrive and they make to hear their influence, dry and sunny where you/they cannot come or however where I can flow away without some obstacle as Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, where the climate vaguely remembers Africa to the north.